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Acupuncture: The Power to Heal

I've treated many conditions in my 6+ years as a licensed Acupuncturist. I've had some remarkable results and have been totally stumped on occasion. I've treated conditions I had never heard of before and somehow, successfully improved the health and well-being of those patients. What an awesome feeling and blessing to be able to impact another life in such a positive way!!

This week, I walked into the office and there, waiting for me, was a plate of homemade, gluten-free brownies and a balloon that said, "Thinking of You!" I was SO surprised, it brought a tear to my eye. Later that day, the patient actually stopped back in to thank me in person for helping her so much and gave me a hug. We both had a tear in our eyes!!

Every condition, malady, or disease can be treated by Chinese Medicine. Each person responds differently, so the number of treatments required varies from patient to patient. Each patient is evaluated thoroughly and treatments are individualized per that evaluation to restore optimum health and well-being.

Any time you wake not feeling yourself or feeling downright rotten, Chinese Medicine will help. If you have a fever, Acupuncture can break it and expedite the recovery of your illness. If you have an allergic reaction, Acupuncture can resolve it. If you wake with a headache or migraine, Acupuncture can work it out for you....I hope you will think of Acupuncture the next time you are not feeling 100% and come in for a treatment. It’s all about restoring balance in the body so that the body can resume it’s self-healing ability. An acute condition is often resolved in just one treatment!

A Votre Sante!!


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