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Tailored Wellness

The purpose of Baxter Village Health Center in Fort Mill, SC is to provide you a tailored wellness program specifically targeted to your health needs, whether it be preventative, acute, rehabilitative, or maintenance.  Simply put, our goal is to help you and your family Live Well.





Integrative Medicine and Illness


In integrative medicine, the focus is on the partnership between the patient and health care provider to achieve a level of whole-body wellness. The patient presents unique needs, circumstances, and concerns about his or her current and long-term condition. The health care provider then puts together a comprehensive treatment plan to address illness and regain or maintain optimum health.

Instead of focusing on the absence of disease or illness or merely following one method of treatment, integrative medicine pulls treatment from scientific, evidence-based practices and can include treatment from a variety of disciplines:

While focus can be on immediate treatment, the patient’s overall long-term well-being is also considered in integrative medicine. Treatment is utilized that awakens the body’s natural response to issues, and the most natural and least invasive interventions are recommended. 

Most patients will have tried conventional approaches to treating their ailments. Integrative medicine can be appealing because patients usually have more time with providers to discuss a broader approach to healing that incorporates techniques from outside the Western health care philosophy.  Not only does integrative medicine seek to treat the ailment, but it also strives to prevent recurring or new illnesses and ailments from forming. Patients work with their providers to establish healthy behaviors that encourage lifelong self-care.

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