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The Benefits of Sports Massage

I have never been a runner, I’ve tried and tried, but my body type and knees would not allow for it. When I opened my practice 8 years ago in Baxter, 70% of my clients were runners. I admire their dedication and enthusiasm for the sport. I am very athletic and now do Ultimate Hikes (28.3 miles in a day) and walk daily. So I know the benefits of having a sports massage to help me keep up with those miles and keep myself injury free.

The benefits of sports massage include for any sport include:

  • Helps with injury prevention and loss of mobility while increasing range of motion.

  • Can extend the overall length of a runner or athlete’s career.

  • Boost overall performance.

  • Maintain the body in better condition

  • Promote relaxation, decreases anxiety.

  • Reduction of pain.

  • Decrease anxiety.

Physiological effects of Sports Massage on the runner or athlete.

  • Reduction of running pain is most crucial when you want to get back out on the road again. Running while in pain will not also damage the muscle, but can set you back weeks or months in your training.

  • Reduction of waste products in the muscle, by milking the muscle while identifying trigger spots that are causing pain and or inflammation.

  • Relaxing both the muscles and the entire athlete’s body. Muscles relax by the generation of heat from the massage, aids in circulation. Touch and pressure lengthens the muscle bringing it back to natural alignment.

When should you have a Sports Massage?

Sports massage can be useful for recovery after a major event like a tri or half marathon, or just taking a long hike or bike ride. It is most beneficial a day or two post event. Best results are obtained when the massage is preformed regularly. DO NOT get a deep tissue massage before the sporting event is to occur. It will destabilize the muscles and you will be more susceptible to a sprain or tear.

Get out there and run, walk , bike, anything that will pump the blood through the system and help both physically and emotionally.

Happy moving!

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