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Its all about the Qi...

Spring sprang a few months ago and is almost over.....soon we’ll be cruising into Summer and all that it vacations, romping in the surf, kayaking , amusement parks and waterparks and endless other outdoor activities!! Tons of Fun!!!!

One thing all these activities have is common is the need for energy to enjoy them!! That energy in Chinese Medicine is referred to as Qi ( pronounced Chee ). Qi is the vital energy of the body. Every system, cell, thought and function of the body requires adequate Qi to work properly. If there is a deficiency of Qi in any area, problems can arise. If the deficiency persists without resolution, in most cases pain or disease will develop. The smooth flow Qi throughout the body is paramount to optimum health!

Any number of factors can disrupt the smooth flow of Qi- diet, stress, congenital conditions, trauma, illness. If the Qi is not strong to begin with, any of these factors can invade the system and produce symptoms of varying degrees. Warning signs will develop and if resolved right away, the Qi can be restored and resume it’s natural flow. If the signs and symptoms are not addressed in a timely fashion, the Qi will become further depleted and the symptoms will worsen. The longer the condition stands, the harder it’s resolution will be.

Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive, preventive medical system that strives to restore balance within the body allowing the Qi to flow smoothly and freely throughout the body producing optimum health and wellbeing. Weekly Acupuncture treatments will rebalance the vital energy of the body! Each treatment builds on the previous treatment; a process that takes time to restore balance. Often times it takes only a few sessions to rebalance before going to fewer treatments and then a maintenance plan of once a month. Longer standing conditions require more diligence to resolve before going to the maintenance plan. Each individual is different and responds differently to acupuncture, but all will respond if the body is given ample time to restore homeostasis in order to function optimally once again!!

Chinese Medicine treats all conditions based on symptoms rather than a diagnosis. So if you’re looking for an all natural, holistic form of healthcare, Acupuncture may be just what you need and I would welcome the opportunity to work with you!!

A Votre Sante!!

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