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Cupping Love <3

Another great week of new patients and continued positive results!! Oddly enough, two new female patients both had the same response to cupping on their backs. Each had different reasons for seeking out Acupuncture, but both had tight neck and shoulders in addition to their chief complaints. My go to treatment for this condition is cupping!!

Cupping helps to relieve the congestion or stagnation of blood and energy (Qi) in a sore or tender area. By bringing that congestion to the surface and away from the affected area, the free flow of Qi and blood through the area restores balance and relieves pain. In addition to cupping the tender areas, I take the opportunity to cup the entire back from top to bottom along each side of the spine. This is the part of Urine Bladder channel where the points correspond to the internal organs. Cupping up and down beside the spine treats the entire body in effort to restore balance. Cupping relieves pain and restores balance among the internal organs!

The first patient, new to Chinese Medicine, was skeptical when I suggested cupping for her sore back but consented. Once I placed the cups on her back, she said she loved it and never wanted them to come off! That was a first for me...just when I think I’ve heard everything!

The second patient had had Acupuncture before but not cupping. Also somewhat skeptical, we forged ahead. She also thought it felt great and can’t wait to come back for another session!

Both backs were much looser after cupping! I love it because cupping is my favorite treatment to perform. It is very effective in most all cases. It can and often does leave reddish purple marks which resolve in time. Some folks don’t care for this aspect, especially in the summer. However, they all report improvement regardless of the marks. The marks are a sign of stagnation which equals pain. With more cupping, the marks lesson as the stagnation is resolved. It does not cause pain, but the skin may be tender the day after like a mild sunburn.

Come give cupping a try!!

A Votre Sante!!

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