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Personal Tune Up

Personal Tune Up

In today’s world we are simply too busy! We are constantly over-booked, over-worked, and perhaps even over-played. When do we take time to just sit, relax and breathe? To get in touch with ourselves, our thoughts, and our lives? We talk on the phone or worse, text in the car while driving. We talk on the phone while in the grocery store or at the gas pump. We are busy carpooling kids to games, parties, music lessons and on and on.....

When our car needs a tune-up, we have it serviced. That allows us to get to all the places we need to be in our busy lives. We maintain our heating cooling systems in our houses. We water, feed and mow our lawns to keep them looking their best. We tend our flower gardens and keep our homes in shape inside and out. And, doing most of this while working full time!

When do we take time for our own personal tune-ups? Recharging our battery and listening to ourselves is crucial in maintaining a balanced, happy, and healthy life. There are many ways to reduce stress, but how often do we indulge ourselves in those practices? There are lots of ways to get in touch with our true feelings and manage those, but do we? Personal relationships, family and’s all about balance!!

In Chinese Medicine, balance is all about Qi or our vital energy flowing smoothly throughout our body so that every single cell is nourished, enabling our body to function optimally, keeping us healthy and happy. When this energy is neglected it gets out of balance causing symptoms to arise. While mild at first, they can become extreme if not addressed. Keeping your Qi balanced with regular Acupuncture treatments will boost the body’s natural self-healing ability to prevent adverse conditions from arising. Once balanced, your Qi needs to be maintained. An hour respite will have you totally relaxed and rejuvenated and well able to take on your busy life!!

A Votre Sante!! Brenda

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