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Amazing Results!!

Acupuncture Panda

Last weekend I was at a dance and one of the guys said he had tweaked his knee and had to take it easy......well, I wasn’t having that. I immediately put a needle in his ear, on the spot, designated for knee and advised him to dance as he normally would. By the end of the dance he was nearly pain free. ONE NEEDLE! While everyone responds differently, it is possible to have amazing results pretty quickly.

I recently had a new patient come in with his back in terrible spasm. I did a quick balancing treatment on the front and then treated his back with six needles and some electrical stimulation. While he was cautious getting up from the table, he was astonished at the improvement with just one treatment. He continues to come weekly to work on other issues.

I had another new patient come in for anxiety. She was on medication which she hated taking. After 2 treatments, she stopped taking her medication and hasn’t had any anxiety in over a week and her related headaches have also decreased in number and intensity.

Back in November I had a young woman come in for infertility. I saw her once and she never returned and I never knew why.....She called the office a few weeks ago to let me know that she was pregnant and having a baby in early September. Same thing happened in October and now this woman is on my schedule next week for me to induce her labor. That makes 6 babies to my credit!! Woohoo!

Another woman came in with chronic neck and shoulder pain and tightness. After one treatment with needles and cupping, she was virtually pain free and sleeping better as a result. She had her husband come in and has several of her coworkers on my books next week!!

My reason for blowing my own horn here is to let everyone know of the variety of conditions Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can effectively treat. If it is a condition, symptom or malady that affects the human body, Chinese Medicine can help naturally by restoring your bodies self-healing ability! Come see how Chinese Medicine can help you!!

A Votre Sante!! Brenda Terry, MAcOM, LAc

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