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Tending to Your Body's "Garden"

Do we have any gardening enthusiasts out there?? Whether you plant seeds or plants, you know that a beautiful yard or garden takes time and loving care to produce.

It's a process and with the proper care up front, the garden will grow and flourish... You plant the seeds, water them and fertilize them and eventually they will produce vegetables, fruit and beautiful flowers. If you forget to water or pull the weeds, the garden starts to become overgrown and out of control... However, if you go back in and pull those weeds and give it some fresh water, it will once again become beautiful.

It is a process, when followed, that will produce the desired outcome....

The human body, like a garden, will also grow and flourish if given the right nourishment and care. Many reasons can cause us to neglect our bodies or our "garden." When this happens, our health can become less than desirable and we can start to feel "overgrown" or "out of control." If we once again start nourishing our bodies, we will begin to feel ourselves again in time.

One of the ways you can keep your "garden" flourishing is through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Regular acupuncture sessions will rebalance the vital energy of the body, keeping it healthy and preventing other adverse conditions from developing. Just like a "garden," it is a process.

Once we determine where the deficiencies in the body lie, then we have to allow the body time to rebalance and resume healing itself. If your "garden" has been neglected or has gotten "overgrown," the process of using Acupuncture to rebalance will take time. It may take just a few sessions or it could require a full course of treatments... The body will guide us to let us know when to reduce the number and frequency of treatments before going on to a maintenance plan.

Call (803) 802- 7799 for a free 20 minute consult today!

Let's discover how Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can help you attain optimum health and wellbeing!

A Votre Sante!!

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