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You too can benefit from cupping, just like Michael Phelps!

At the risk of repeating myself, I am posting this blog again! I have had so many folks get relief from cupping recently that I wanted to put this out there once more. Cupping is not painful and is regulated by the practitioner. Call with questions!!

There was certainly a lot of hubbub about cupping during the Olympics thanks to swimmer Michael Phelps and those purple marks on his back and shoulders...what could this be? It’s cupping!!

Cupping is an ancient Chinese treatment used most often to relieve pain. Cupping originated thousands of years ago and was performed with bamboo cups then stone. Later, thick glass cups became more popular. In a cupping treatment, oil is spread on the skin, then a cotton ball is lit and placed at the bottom of the cup creating a vacuum. The cotton ball is removed and the thick lip of the cup is quickly placed on the skin where it sucks the skin up into the cup about a half inch. The cup can be slid across the surface of the skin to work the muscle and then remain stationary to further remove inflammation and stagnation. Clearing the area allows the energy and blood to flow freely, relieving the pain. Pain is caused by an interruption in the normal smooth flow of blood and energy throughout the body. Typically it slows, creating stagnation. To resolve the pain, the flow must be restored. This generally affects the muscles of the body. Cupping works the muscle, releasing the stagnation and allowing the energy to flow freely once again. Cupping increases energy and blood flow to the affected area which also helps stop the pain. The treatment can be used to balance out the energy of the whole body by cupping up and down along the spine- the area which corresponds to all the internal organs of the body. The bruising that often accompanies cupping fades the way any bruise does in several days to a week. While cupping is an unusual sensation, it usually does not hurt.

The suction-type cups seen on television this week are better for stationary cupping or when acupuncture needles are in place and the area cannot be manipulated. Suction cups can be used along side needles to achieve the desired results.

You too can benefit from cupping just like an Olympic swimmer!!

A Votre Sante!!


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