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Facilitated Stretching can help you run longer, lift more, twist easier, and rest better.


As I noted in my previous blog, I am not a runner. However, I am an avid walker and hiker. I have participated in Ultimate Hikes, which are hikes that are between 15-28.3 miles in one day. I would have been in considerable pain of my left IT band had I not stretched before and after my events.

I will be one of the few practitioners in the Fort Mill area, who has gone through extensive training to offer one-on-one Facilitated Assisted stretching to their services starting in January of 2017. Whether you are an accomplished athlete, or just beginning a fitness program, you’ll find that the regular use of facilitated stretching will help you improve your flexibility and coordination. This can help the overall enjoyment of your chosen sport.

The intention of stretching is to change the muscle length and a decline in tension of the muscle and increase the range of motion to the muscle and the muscle groups around it. Stretching decreases pain and the stress put on the muscle, and it will help with recovery time. Stretching can reduce scar tissue, realign the tracking of the muscle, and it just feels good. Facilitated one-on-one stretching will help you get back to peak performance for any athletic training. To boot, it will also help with those creeks and cracks you hear in the morning as you get out of bed as we get older.

I am excited to be offering this as a new service at Baxter Village Health Center because it is exclusive and not performed anywhere else in this area. More to come about stretching next month and how I can help you achieve maximum flexibility while learning how to stretch yourself out in the privacy of your own home.

Happy Stretching!

Christine Farinick. NCLMBT

Facilitated Stretching

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