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Emotions are Clues


We all have them....some good, some bad. Controlling them can be a challenge; embracing them can also be tough. They are used in Chinese Medicine as a diagnostic tool to determine which energy channels are deficient or in excess mode!

For example:

If you are experiencing eye symptoms such as floaters or blurry vision, your Liver system needs attention. You may cry more easily, become angry or jealous, or find yourself raising your voice or shouting more often. Spring is considered Liver Season!!

If your tongue is red or has inflamed tastebuds, your Heart system is experiencing some kind of excess or heat. Your complexion may also be red. A person who is very talkative and has a sing-songy cadence to their speech may have a blockage in the Heart system.

If anxiety is present in your life, the Spleen system may be the culprit. If you have more salvia than usual.....Spleen. You may also be feeling more pensive and sympathetic. Any mouth issues will also be the Spleen system.

Sadness, worry and grief all point to the Lung system; especially in the Fall, the Lung’s season. Any nose symptoms also relate to the Lung system.

Low back pain or knee pain are the Kidney system. You may also have bone, ear or urinary problems. If you are more fearful and feeling depressed, we need to treat the Kidney system.

All of these symptoms are a part of diagnosing the imbalance and working to correct it so that the body can resume it’s self-healing ability. Once the Chinese Diagnosis is determined, each treatment will build upon the previous to encourage the body to right itself and take over the healing! It’s an amazing system that works!!

A Votre Sante!!


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